Wall Bracing Plan

A wall bracing system must be designed by a qualified person and capable of proving stability to the masonry wall for a wind speed of 40 miles per hour.


Many factors affect a wall bracing plan. These factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Height of the masonry wall
  • Thickness of the concrete masonry unit (cmu)
  • Weight of the block
  • Whether it is grouted or ungrouted
  • Base conditions
  • Wall bracing: whether it is braced on one side or both
  • Location and movement of joints
blueprint diagram Braces are on the outside marked in blue and the restricted zone is hatched in yellow.

Note: Not to scale. This wall bracing plan is for illustrative purposes only in this online training course. It does not meet all MIOSHA Part 2: Masonry Wall Bracing standards.

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