Rule 211-Wall Bracing Design

Wall Bracing System:

The wall bracing system must be designed by a "qualified" person and capable of providing stability to the wall for wind speeds of 40 miles per hour.

Required Types:

Rule 211 states that one of the following two types of wall bracing systems must be installed:

1. Triangle Wall Bracing System

Use a Triangle Wall Bracing System in accordance with Rule 212 of the MIOSHA Construction Safety Standards Part 2: Masonry Wall Bracing (covered in Module 7).

triangle brace diagram
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2. Alternative Method

book cover masonry wallbracing design handbookbook cover bracing masonry walls

If an alternative method is used, the bracing scheme must be designed using the accepted engineering practices in the July 2001 Edition of the Standard Practice for Bracing Walls Under Construction, Chapters 5 and 6 and their commentaries. Or the bracing schemes for walls matching examples specifically outlined in the March 2003 Masonry Wallbracing Design Handbook may also "satisfy these requirements." Both are published by the Mason Contractors Association of America.

These two publications were adopted in MIOSHA Part 2: Masonry Wall Bracing Construction Safety Standards, Rule 202 (covered in Module 2).

The Job Site:

If an alternative method is used, the wall bracing erection drawings, plans or calculations and specifications must be available at the job site.

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