Rules 208, 209, 210

MIOSHA Fact Sheet:


"How can a sub-contractor determine whether the masonry walls under construction are in the initial period or intermediate period in order to determine which wind speed to use?"


"The sub-contractor's competent person for wind monitoring must contact the mason contractor or controlling contractor to determine the wind speed evacuation. If ever in doubt, the competent person must use the initial period wind speed and evacuate their employees from the restricted zone at greater than 20 mph."


Rules 208, 209, and 210 of the MIOSHA Part 2 Masonry Wall Bracing Construction Safety Standard highlight the importance of understanding wind speeds while working in the restricted zone of an unsupported masonry wall during initial and intermediate periods. Following these standards may save lives!

collasped wall
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collasped wall with crane in background
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heap of bricks of a collapsed wall
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