Module 4 Summary
construction man holding stop sign

What You Learned:

Module 4, Hazards, is an introduction to the potential hazards of working in a restricted zone involving masonry walls under construction. These hazards include wall bracing methods, weather conditions, underground and overhead utilities and excavations.

Your goals for the Module include:

  1. Identify potential hazards of working in a restricted zone
  2. Inspecting the site for potential hazards in a restricted zone

The module quizzes are for you to check your comprehension of the material. They are meant to help prepare you for the final test.

Coming Up:

The next module will cover Rules 208, 209 and 210 of MIOSHA Part 2: Masonry Wall Bracing. These rules detail the initial and intermediate period requirements and proper procedures for evacuating the restricted zone during windy conditions.

To Do image
To Do
  1. Review Module 4.
  2. Complete the Module 4 Practice Quiz.
  3. Begin Module 5, Wind, in Unit 2.