Rule 206 Restricted Zone Requirements

Rule 206:

"For walls greater than 8 feet in height, a restricted zone must be established prior to the start of the construction wall."

Requirements for Rule 206:

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The restricted zone must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Equal to the height of the constructed wall plus a minimum of 4 feet and run the entire length of the wall plus a minimum of 4 feet beyond the ends of the wall
  2. Be established on both sides and ends of the wall
  3. Be limited to entry by employees trained in accordance with Rule 205 (see Module 2, Restricted Access Training)
  4. Remain in place until the wall has obtained its final lateral support
  5. Be identified with proper signage (see Rule 207 in this module)

MIOSHA Fact Sheet:


What does "prior to the start of the construction wall" mean?


"The restricted zone is not required until the wall is greater than 8 feet in height. It is our opinion that 'established prior to the start' was an implied reference to Rule 204(1) where the mason contractor shall notify in wrting the controlling contractor where and when a restricted zone will exist."

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